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Greska's Carbon-60
Hoof And Joint Health

equine Hoof & Joint Bottle
Equine Lamina Spray Bottle

New Hoof Growth

We started applying Greska’s Carbon-60 Lamina Spray on her front hoof soles on October 11, 2022. Within 2 weeks I began seeing improvement in her demeanor and ability to walk and lowered her Bute to 1 gram daily.

We started applying the Hoof & Joint on October 28, 2022. In only 2 weeks Lily started having bursts of energy; trotting and even bucking.

Hannah - Owner

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Image showing in-damaged hoof growth after 3 months of Greska's Carbon 60

Greska’s Equine Carbon-60 is a powerful solution for horses

When applied topically, it effectively relieves pain and inflammation. This product targets key areas such as the sole, knee, hock, fetlocks, and pastern, providing quick and lasting relief.

Promotes Healthy Hoof Growth

Apply Greska’s Equine Carbon-60 to the coronary band to stimulate healthy cell proliferation where hoof wall growth begins. This revolutionary product naturally enhances the rate and quality of hoof growth, ensuring stronger and healthier hooves.

Benefits of Greska’s Equine Carbon-60

  • Pain and Inflammation Relief: Quickly reduces pain and inflammation in targeted areas.

  • Healthy Hoof Growth: Promotes the growth of stronger, healthier hooves.

  • Natural Solution: Harnesses the power of Carbon-60 to improve overall hoof health.

Kelsa Horse pick


Joint Pain

Kelsa is my 23-year-old Mustang mare. She has always had a bad habit of kicking the fence at feeding time. Unfortunately, this trauma has caused her to have severe joint pain in her left hind pastern. Kelsa has noticeable thickness, inflammation, and soreness in that leg. She short strides when moving, and would hold her hoof tilted toe forward when standing.

I decided to try Greska’s Equine Carbon-60 oil product. I first started with clipping away hair from her pastern, then daubing the Carbon-60 oil to her daily. Within 2 weeks Kelsa was putting weight on her left hind hoof again. I can clearly see Kelsa’s inflammation has decreased in her left hind pastern. I am thrilled with her improvement in such a short time. I am grateful for finding out about Greska’s Carbon-60. I am excited for Kelsa’s future again!

Thank you Greska’s Carbon-60.

Kim Simmons – Owner
2000 BLM Mustang Mare

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Lilly professional picture


Success Story: Lily’s Journey to Recovery

Inflammation of the Lamina: My Paint mare Lily’s discomfort with her inflammation of the lamina was so painful that she lost all joy and sparkle in life. She could barely walk. Lily has a complete coffin bone rotation on both front hooves and is currently barefoot, wearing Soft Ride Boots with EasyCare Cloud inserts.

Greska’s Carbon 60 Lamina Spray: We started applying Greska’s Carbon 60 Lamina Spray on her front hoof soles on October 11, 2022. Within 2 weeks, I saw improvement in her demeanor and ability to walk.

Greska’s Hoof & Joint: We started applying Greska’s Hoof & Joint on October 28, 2022. In only 2 weeks, Lily started having bursts of energy, trotting, and even bucking. Lily has her feet trimmed by an excellent farrier, and I continue to apply Greska’s Carbon 60 daily. Her demeanor and soundness have improved. She trots, lopes, and bucks. Her normal personality is back, and she has joy and sparkle once again!

Hannah Curtis – Owner 2007 Overo Paint Mare

Optimize Your Horse's Health with Greska's Carbon 60

Greska’s Carbon 60 products, including the Lamina Spray and Hoof & Joint supplement, offer exceptional benefits for equine health. They help reduce pain and inflammation, promote healthy cell growth, and enhance overall hoof and joint health.

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Inflamed Joints
My school horse Nola had poor shoeing and was lame when I first acquired her. Our first goal in rehabbing her was transitioning her from wearing shoes to barefoot. We eventually started using her for lessons, She was inconsistent, she had an uneven gait and shortened stride. Nola’s swelling and stiffness within her knee joints were inflamed from her sore feet. 

We started applying Greska’s Carbon-60 to her front hoof soles, and coronary band. We clipped the hair around her knees and started to apply the Carbon-60 to her knees. After two weeks we noticed big changes in Nola’s movement. Currently, Nola is back to being used regularly for riding lessons, her movement is more fluid and free. Her knee inflammation has noticeably decreased, and her rides are consistent.

Thank you Greska’s Carbon-60.

Susan Blake-Owner
2002 AQHA Mare

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Nola the Horse


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A Deeper Dive Into Your Horses Health

Innovative C60 Horse Supplement

Our C60 horse supplement harnesses the powerful antioxidant properties of Carbon 60, combined with organic sunflower oil. This potent combination not only supports healthy cell growth but also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation. Incorporating Greska's Carbon 60 into your horse's care routine can significantly improve their health and vitality.

Effective Pain Relief for Horses

Pain relief for horses is a top priority for any horse owner. Greska's Carbon 60 products provide targeted relief from pain and inflammation, particularly in areas such as the knee, hock, fetlock, and pastern. By addressing the root causes of pain, our products help restore your horse’s comfort and mobility, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Natural Horse Hoof Supplement

Greska's Carbon 60 is a natural horse hoof supplement that promotes healthier hoof growth and overall hoof health. Applied to the coronary band, it stimulates the growth of stronger hooves, reducing the risk of common hoof problems. This natural approach ensures your horse benefits from enhanced hoof quality without the use of harsh chemicals.

Effective Inflammation Treatment for Horses

Inflammation treatment for horses is essential for maintaining their health and performance. Greska's Carbon 60 addresses inflammation at the source, providing quick and effective relief. Whether dealing with founder or other inflammatory conditions, our products help manage symptoms and support the healing process, ensuring your horse stays active and healthy.

By integrating Greska's Carbon 60 into your horse’s care regimen, you can address a wide range of health issues, from founder to joint pain, and ensure their overall well-being.

Understanding Inflammation and Hoof Health in Horses

Inflammation is a natural response to injury, infection, or abnormal conditions within the body. In horses, inflammation in the hoof area can lead to founder, a painful condition affecting the sensitive structures within the hoof. This condition significantly impacts a horse’s ability to move and causes substantial discomfort. Understanding the link between internal hoof inflammation and founder is essential for effective prevention and treatment.


Hoof Anatomy and Inflammation

To comprehend how internal inflammation affects the hoof, it’s vital to understand the basic anatomy of a horse’s hoof. The hoof comprises several structures, including the coffin bone, sensitive laminae, and the insensitive hoof wall. The sensitive laminae function as a suspension system, connecting the coffin bone to the hoof wall, providing stability and shock absorption.


Internal Inflammation

Internal inflammation occurs when there is an abnormal immune response within the body. This heightened immune response can be triggered by various factors, such as dietary imbalances, infection, or prolonged weight-bearing. This inflammation can disrupt the balance within the hoof, damaging the sensitive laminae that connect the coffin bone to the hoof wall, commonly known as founder. The inflammation compromises blood flow to the hoof, resulting in poor oxygen and nutrient supply to the sensitive structures, leading to pain and tissue damage.


Signs and Symptoms of Founder

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of founder is crucial for early detection and intervention. Symptoms may include:

  • Increased pulse or throbbing in the hoof

  • Heat in the hoof area

  • Reluctance to bear weight

  • A specific stance known as the “Founder Stance,” where the horse shifts its weight backward to relieve pain


Prevention and Solutions

Applying Greska’s Carbon-60 can help alleviate inflammation and pain, promoting recovery in affected horses. This product is designed to support the horse’s natural healing processes, ensuring better hoof health and overall well-being.

Key Benefits of Greska’s Carbon-60

  • Reduces Inflammation: Helps mitigate internal inflammation within the hoof.

  • Pain Relief: Provides targeted relief from discomfort associated with founder.

  • Promotes Healing: Enhances the natural healing processes, supporting healthier hoof structures.

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