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What is Bioavailability and why is it important?

What is Bioavailability and why is it important? Before we get too technical, it’s important to have a basic understanding of bioavailability and antioxidants.

Carbon 60: is a soccer ball-shaped molecule composed of 60 Carbon atoms. Known as a free radical scavenger, C60 has the ability to share/give electrons away to reduce oxidative stress. Because C60 is so small, it has the ability to penetrate muscles, bones, organs, and into cells and the mitochondria. Studies have indicated Carbon 60 has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties and reduces inflammation to support healthy joints.

Antioxidant Definition- An antioxidant protects the cells in your body against free radicals by readily donating an electron to the free radical, thereby stabilizing the free radical.

Free-Radical: Free radicals and toxins are molecules in your body missing an electron. These molecules then steal electrons from healthy molecules. Which, in turn, steals an electron from its neighbor. This domino-like effect of stealing electrons is known as Oxidative Stress and is very damaging to cell function. Greska’s Carbon 60 provides electrons to molecules and toxins, resulting in a reduction in oxidative stress

Bioavailability Definition- The level and rate that a substance (such as an antioxidant) is distributed into the body or is made available. Something that is highly bioavailable has a higher ability to freely maneuver around the body. The smaller the molecule, the more bioavailable it is.

Greska’s Carbon-60 is a highly Bioavailable antioxidant. The most important factors that make it so bioavailable are the size, purity and spherical geometry of the C60 molecule. It is about 4000 times smaller than antioxidants found in red wines, berries and dark greens. Since Greska’s C60 molecules are so small, their potency and bioavailability are dramatically increased.

Each Carbon 60 Molecule has the ability to share, or donate, electrons to stabilize free radicals and neutralize toxins: a super antioxidant. Completing, by supplying the missing electron, turn these molecules back on giving your body more energy to mend itself naturally.

We are the only “Food Grade” Carbon 60 manufacturer in the world.

We use a solvent-free process, (as we use no toxic solvents anywhere in our process).

We produce only Non-Solvent Extracted (Non-SE) Carbon 60.

Our sole and exclusive manufacturing process produces pristine, pure raw Carbon 60. Greska’s proprietary process produces pure C60 spheres approximately 4000 times smaller than ALL other solvent extracted methods used by our competitors. Our scientific advancement of manufacturing Non-SE Carbon 60 was developed in 2012 by a 40-year experienced Aerospace Materials and Processes Carbon Engineer.

We use a highly filtered non-GMO, Certified Organic Sunflower as carrier for the Carbon 60.

Our many customers proclaim that Greska’s Carbon-60 delivers unsurpassed results for Energy, Health and Vitality. Many long term supplement consumers tell us that Greska’s Carbon-60 is the best nutritional supplement they have ever taken. 

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